Creative Process


We will be in contact throughout the planning process to refine the inspiration, creative vision and logistics for your wedding photography.  We will also consult about your engagement session so we can create a thoughtful experience that will capture the essence of your relationship.


I will work collaboratively with your vendor team to ensure the finest results in your imagery. This will include working closely with your planner to design a wedding photography timeline tailored specifically to your event in order to provide suitable timing and locations for photographs.


I will tell the story of your wedding by documenting moments and emotions as they naturally unfold - as well as the preparations that were lovingly planned in advance. Throughout the day I will constantly be seeking beautiful light, elegant compositions, and complementary color tones to ensure every photograph is lovely and unique.


After your wedding, you will be presented with a collection of heart-stirring images which will serve as a visual narrative of your wedding experience.  Together, we will curate your favorite images into exquisite heirlooms that will invite reverie and nostalgia for years to come.

Whether you are traveling to a far away place or keeping your celebration close to home, I will gladly journey to any destination to document your wedding.  I find that travel keeps my style fresh and provides me with inspiration to infuse your wedding images with the distinct spirit and aesthetic of your chosen locale. You can rest assured that as an experienced destination wedding photographer, I am fully prepared to handle the intricacies of travel and working in various countries.  I am a tenacious planner and leave nothing to chance.

Regardless of your location, I will arrive at least one full day before any photography is scheduled to commence. I find it important to spend time familiarizing myself with the area and venue to determine optimal locations for photographs – taking into consideration light, scenery and overall aesthetic. 



I offer a variety of wedding collections varying from basic wedding day coverage to an all-inclusive option.  All wedding collections include a photography assistant, a USB with high resolution images and a set of curated prints.  A specialized collection for elopements is also available. Additionally, you may choose from a variety of à la carte options that allow you to customize any package.

I always welcome custom requests and would be pleased to create a collection tailored to suit your specific needs.

To request details on pricing, please visit my Contact page.