Elegant Bridal Boudoir at Sunstone Villa

Santa Ynez, California

Bridal boudoir tells a story.  One that intimately captures the elegant sensuality of a bride as she prepares herself on her wedding day.  A story that begins before she slips on her gown and that leads her into a new chapter.  This elegant bridal boudoir session at Sunstone Villa features delicate textures of silk, tulle and lace that embody femininity.  Flirtatious glances, sensual smiles and suggestive curves inspire a simultaneous sense of wistful longing and empowered confidence.

sunstone villa bridal boudoir
There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful,
than a woman being unapologetically herself;
comfortable in her perfect imperfection.
That is the true essence of beauty.
- Steven Maraboli

VENUE | Sunstone Villa
STYLING & DESIGN | Kelly Oshiro
GOWN | Jennifer Gifford
BODYSUIT | Hanky Panky
LACE ROBE | Flora Nikrooz

DELICATES | Journelle
SLIPPERS | Bella Belle
VEIL | Solstice Bride
RING | 33 Jewels